FEN: 3r2k1/1P4pp/2B5/3P4/p6n/2p2Q2/2P5/2K2R2 w - - 0 1

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ArrayList<Transaction> trx = account.getTransactions();
CurrencyAmount bal = ZERO_DOLLARS;
for (i = 0; i < trx.size(); i++) {
Transaction curr = trx.get(i);
CurrencyAmount amt = curr.getAmount();
bal = bal.plus(amt);
CurrencyAmount bal = ZERO_DOLLARS;
for (Transaction trs : trx) {
CurrencyAmount amt = trs.getAmount();
bal = bal.plus(amt);

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Maybe not the best visual metaphor for an LRU cache... Photo by Eric Wendt on Unsplash

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Alonso Del Arte

is a composer and photographer from Detroit, Michigan. He has been working on a Java program to display certain mathematical diagrams.

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